Sunday, December 18, 2011

Criminal Plots II Challenge

I'm joining the Criminal Plots II Challenge for 2012, hosted by Jen.

Here are the categories and three of my preliminary picks. 

1. Novel with a weapon in the title
2. Book published at least 10 years ago- Something by P.D. James.
3. Book written by an author from the state/province/etc. where you live- I'm live in Michigan, so I'm thinking Megan E. Abbott or Elmore Leonard.
4. Book written by an author using a pen name
5. Crime novel whose protagonist is the opposite gender of the author- Something by Donna Leon
6. A stand-alone novel written by an author who writes at least one series

I'm looking forward to this challenge!

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  1. we are in the same challenge and I noticed this is a new blog. so Hello i'm a new follower.