Review Policy

Books I Review Half of the books I review are crime fiction, and the rest are literary fiction, memoirs, history, and personal essays.  I like good drama and well-told stories.  I may on occasion review YA and science fiction and fantasy, but crime fiction and literary fiction are what I'll review the most.

Books I Do Not Review I do not review romance or self-published books.

Reviews I Post  My goal is to post 1-3 reviews per week.   Because of my time limits, my acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee that I will review the book. 

Book Formats  I accept books in PDF and EPUB and Kindle formats.

Compensation  Some of the books I review on this blog are from publishers, authors, or publicists in exchange for a review.  I do not receive compensation for reviewing books besides receiving free review copies of books or free access to an electronic review copy.  My acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a positive review.  I will mark review copies at the end of each review, if applicable.

You can reach me directly at mswordopolisblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

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